Lessons for Digital Marketing Teams 

Marketing agencies have raced to keep pace in a rapidly evolving digital environment. The need to stay informed about the latest innovations and networks has led to a frantic effort to recruit digitally savvy employees. Beyond bringing their digital expertise to clients’ businesses, these recruits are also tasked with mentoring other employees who lack deep digital experience.

However, a recent article in Ad Age argues that the “digitally immersed” have their own catch-up to do: they often need a foundational understanding of the principles of marketing. This is particularly evident as those without a marketing background move into managerial roles and must contend with cross-disciplinary teams and projects.

To bridge this divide, agencies should emphasize training that covers all media channels and marketing principles to create teams that understand the wider objectives of their work. Just as the digitally naïve are acknowledging their shortcomings with new technologies, those without a background in marketing principals must recognize their need for a broader understanding.

Agencies that can bridge the knowledge gaps for both sets of workers—the digitally savvy and the marketing immersed—are more likely to build effective teams that can better understand one another, their brands, and important marketing opportunities.