Owning Micro-Moments

In a world where 65% of time spent on digital media is via a mobile phone (comScore report), industry experts see opportunities to reach consumers during brief interactions, also known as micro-moments. These micro-moments often occur on the go, and therefore require nimble, concise, and visual tactics to most effectively reach intended targets.


David Silk, senior partner lead at Google Health, notes that “1 in 20 online searches [is] healthcare- related.”  Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have an opportunity to be present in those micro-moments during online searches.


Here are 3 recommendations for taking advantage of micro-moments:

  1. Simplify and Optimize Websites: Use analytics tools to identify what information your audiences are most interested in or engaged with, and feature it prominently on the mobile-friendly version of the site. Dosing and co-pay cards are 2 examples of information patients may look for on the go


  1. Target Using Geo-Locating and Geo-Fencing: Patients are using “near me” searches on Google for HCPs, much as they would if they were looking for a nearby coffee shop. Geo-specific targeting can reach patients who don’t know what they want, or before they speak with a healthcare professional


  1. Distill Complex Diseases via Video: A Google study of health videos found that 65% of views were of content that explained complex diseases in simple ways. Providing timely information using video can quickly inform patients