Anticipating a More Disease-Free Future


The idea of a world without disease has until recently primarily existed in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. Illnesses continue to impact millions across the globe despite the significant impact of modern medicine. Fortunately, several breakthroughs and novel approaches are providing hope that society is closer than ever to eradicating several disease states in the coming years.

Consider the following promising events:

• Immunotherapy, which uses a patient’s own cells, showed extraordinary results for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (94% of study participants saw symptoms vanish). Other blood cancers had response rates near 80%
• After 50 years, measles was eradicated in the United States
• A new vaccine for Ebola proved to be 100% effective
• The World Health Organization expects to fully eradicate polio worldwide in 2017
• CRISPR technique trials showed promise in curing sickle cell disease and treating patients with cancer and HIV

As new therapies and treatments progress, the probability of a paradigm shift in how medicine is presented to patients is likely to grow. Marketers have an opportunity to anticipate these changes and prepare for them with inventive initiatives that welcome patients into a new era of treatment.