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Filter - March 2014 CMS

GTO recently helped Hess re-launch their corporate site, It was a terrific project that I found very fulfilling. We checked all the boxes for a modern brand site. Clean design: check. Usability: check. Responsive for mobile and tablet: check and check. Video, social, search, interactive mapping, dynamic content, etc: Okay, you get the idea. But one of the great features that is hidden to the end-user is the Content Management System (CMS) that was deployed.

The CMS that GTO and Hess jointly chose is called Sitefinity from Telerik. Sitefinity is a commercial CMS based on the Microsoft .NET architecture. In our opinion, it is the best commercial .NET CMS on the market. Sitefinity is very flexible. Custom content modules are easy to create. Sitefinity has best-in-class usability for the content admin interface. And it has responsive design capabilities included right out of the box. (Although in our case we re-wrote most of the responsive code using Twitter Bootstrap. But that's a different article!)

Probably the best feature of Sitefinity is the multi-site capability. Sitefinity multi-site makes it a true enterprise solution because unlimited sites can be served from a single instance. Using this capability, GTO has built a platform that allows the Hess Communications team to create and launch new external sites complete with branded templates, unique navigation, interactive features, etc.—without any IT involvement—just a few mouse clicks.

We are living in an exciting time for web development because there are so many great CMS platforms from which to choose. GTO often uses open source content management solutions like Drupal or Joomla, which are great. But when a commercial platform is required and it has to play nice with Microsoft, Sitefinity is our choice. At least we don't have to [shudder] build a CMS from scratch for every site like we used to do a decade ago!

-Steve Longbons, Partner, GTO Technology

Content Marketing in Healthcare: Integration over Interruption

"We want to do all of these tactics, but we have a limited budget this year." It's an unfortunate sentence to hear, but one that we face in the healthcare marketing space much of the time. With this hindrance in mind, we are challenged with discovering the best-bang-for-the-buck ideas and plans of action. Daily, we are challenged with identifying innovative ways to reach our clients' customers and making their media spends go further than just one click. Over the years, we have ventured into new spaces. Many years ago, we started with search. To follow was display, social, and now mobile and video. But what's next? What can we discover when our healthcare clients are faced with budgetary dilemmas and major condition indications to advocate? This is when the exploration of content marketing is born from necessity.

Over the last few months, we have worked with various new clients who have tasked us with the above scenario. The discussions that surround content marketing and advocate partnerships have grown from a rumbling to tactical recommendations propelling us forward in RFPs. Currently we are engaging with multiple clients across two distinct but similar projects, both of which will rely heavily on the successful execution of a content marketing strategy. We have been asked to identify advocacy groups, communities, and social leaders to partner with in new and exciting ways. This new exploration is being led by AIS and Media, and will include great collaboration between the two teams.

Partnering with advocacy groups and existing communities will lead to richer experiences for our target customers and give new dimensions to our media: Think content syndication, think sponsored blog posts, think targeted display campaigns to existing communities, and think leveraging existing communities' databases for e-newsletters. Content marketing can be seen as a blur between some of the media executions we have mastered over the years and new opportunities that lend themselves to 'communications' rather than advertising. With a softer hand and a less "sales-driven" approach, content integration, sponsorship, and advocacy for our clients is an exciting new frontier for GTO and one that we're excited to explore.

-Marcos Regalo, GTO Search

Where We're Going

72nd Annual Meeting: American Academy of Dermatology
Denver, CO
March 21-25, 2014

eMarketer 2014

San Francisco, CA
March 25-26, 2014

34th ASLMS Annual International Conference
Phoenix, AZ
April 2-6, 2014

DTC National
Washington, DC
April 22-24, 2014

Where We've Been

Congress of the Status of Women
CEO and founder, Elizabeth Izard Apelles, spoke at the United Nations’ 58th Congress of the Status of Women (CSW), in a session titled “Connecting Technology to Healthcare.”

Austin, TX
March 7-16, 2014