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GTO group launches new website


NEW YORK, NY, May 12, 2021 – Greater Than One (GTO) Group, a privately held, full-service global health and wellness marketing and communications agency network focused on providing clients with a unique framework of custom practice offerings, is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed website at https:/// The new site features easy access to essential information on GTO Group’s unique offerings of GTO full-service agency, GTO Media, and GTO Enterprise.

The GTO full-service agency is uniquely built to create better healthcare and marketing communications through data content, media, and technology. GTO Media features a proprietary media planning and buying approach that combines audience, content, engagement, and impact to build authentic brand relationships. GTO Enterprise removes silos from digital foundations to enable digital transformation, bridging the gap between information and customers.

“We’ve created something that works much better for our clients,” said Mike Hartman, Chief Creative Officer. “GTO has established a strong differentiated position in the marketplace by leveraging a global footprint that relies on one simple P&L, where we can now produce the most efficient work product with no infighting. A single P&L is aligned with what’s best for our clients and provides them with what we believe is the most fluent talent model possible. GTO Group is the hub that supports common infrastructure, approach, delivery and culture.”

According to Amanda Powers-Han, Chief Marketing Officer, the model will serve as a foundation from which to add to in the future. “We’ve been able to develop a scalable footprint model that can accommodate additional business units over time. Our clients want better work that can deliver on their business objectives, and this model is an affirmation of what’s already been happening as many of our clients already leverage us across all of our services.”

The website aligns with the Greater Than One “Better. Believe It.” branding and philosophy for the future model of healthcare marketing and communications. Focused on data, content, and media, GTO seeks to close the loop and level up healthcare brand experiences across all audiences. The website will be updated on a regular basis with news essential to clients, agency work highlights, and corporate milestones.

“Being a privately held agency network gives us a tremendous competitive advantage, as we’re free to do things in the best way for our clients,” Hartman said. “Clients can utilize any of the offerings or the fully integrated model. We’ve developed it so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Founded in 2000 and included in the “Top 100 Agencies 2020” by Medical Marketing & Media, GTO Group is a privately held full-service global agency network. With offices in New York, San Francisco, Madrid, Barcelona, and London, GTO Group provides full-service marketing and communications, media and enterprise business solutions to leading health and wellness clients around the world. For additional information, contact us at or visit us at