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Andrew Bast Rejoins Greater Than One as Chief Strategy Officer


Media marketing and technology agency Greater Than One has announced Andrew Bast will be rejoining the agency as Chief Strategy Officer. Andrew brings the art and science of strategic planning to forge dynamic, insight-driven strategies which resonate deeply with our client’s customers.  He has launched and grown many brands, including NEXIUM, REXULTI, SEROQUEL, ENBREL, and WEGOVY.

“Using the ‘living idea’ principle, my mission here is to unlock the transformational power of ideas by getting them into the hands and onto the screens of our client’s customers,” said Bast. “Ideas are meant to grow and evolve in the real world, not remain static and immutable.”

Bast is joining Greater Than One to strengthen the organization’s core competencies in media, technology, and modeling. Greater Than One’s go-to-market offerings include evidence-driven brand budget models and mix allocations, rare disease finder algorithms, and market builder solutions. This go-to-market suite helps construct and build audiences for clients’ brands, defines the performance-measured ecosystem in which this audience consumes and interacts with content, and efficiently delivers that content into an omnichannel environment to maximize impact.

“Having Andrew rejoin my team is essential in taking Greater Than One to a significantly higher level,” said CEO Elizabeth Apelles. “Our unique offerings and methodologies take on whole new dimensions when someone of Andrew’s calibre speaks about them with clients. Now, we practically guarantee commercialization success for our clients.”


Founded in 2000 and included in the “Top 100 Agencies” by Medical Marketing & Media, Greater Than One is an advanced media marketing and technology agency built for how customers experience health and wellness today. Through strategic media buys, inspirational content, and innovative technology, Greater Than One creates data-driven experiences that activate, delivering performance-proven outcomes. The agency is privately held and employee-owned. For more information, visit