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GTO Named MM+M Top 100 Agency


The poster says it all.

When Medical Marketing and Media (MM+M) graciously let us know that they planned to include Greater Than One (GTO) in their list of 2021’s Top 100 Agencies, their team asked us to come up with a movie poster that could capture who we are. We knew right away that it had to be Ocean’s Eleven.

Partly, this was because increasing revenue and staff during a once in a generation pandemic felt like pulling off a heist. Partly, it was because the series’ style-meets-substance brand resonated with our “obsess a little” value of always-better presentation. But, really, the reason was deeper.

GTO works because no privately held healthcare marketing & communications agency does a better job integrating media, content, technology, and data. As Chief Creative Officer Elizabeth Apelles puts it, “We are who we are because we bring the diverse and valuable perspectives of different disciplines under one roof.” So—to frame it like a movie—professionals with unique skills come together to do one awe-inducing job and end up pulling it off with a smile.

Of course, the cinematic summary glosses over very real challenges. Countless hours were invested this past year in critically examining our mission, vision, and values as a company. Armed with a clarity of purpose, we consistently opted for principled business decisions over expedient, ad hoc solutions. That was—and is—the right choice but, in a year of fundamental uncertainty, it did give rise to some situations where we had to regroup to succeed.

The Top 100 Agency article captures all of that. But it also captures the unique value that all of our teams have delivered and will continue to deliver to our clients, value born of something greater than the sum of its parts.

Want to go beyond the trailer? Read the full article on MM+M Online. And, stay tuned for the sequels.