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Honeycomb Health Modernizes Rare Disease Management


Honeycomb Health (HH) is a nonprofit created to help people with rare diseases securely store, manage, and share comprehensive health information. It unites patients, family members, and healthcare providers in a buzzing, global network created by blockchain technologies and inspired market solutions.

HH has made an impact in the lives of rare disease patients and caregivers for the last three years, and 2021 will see it leave its biggest mark yet. In celebration of the success, HH co-founder and Greater Than One (GTO) CEO Elizabeth Apelles is giving an exclusive interview about all things Honeycomb. Topics range from values at the heart of the nonprofit to the industry-defining work it has done in support of Spontaneous Coronary Arterial Deletion (SCAD) patients. Elizabeth discusses the ever-expanding mission of HH, lessons learned along the way, and why she believes that she and her partners can get it all done. She also announces the launch of a road trip to raise $3M for next phase of Honeycomb, spearheaded by her design rock star and SCAD survivor co-founder, Rebecca Trahan.

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