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Amanda Powers-Han Presenting at Xpectives Health Summit


Join Amanda Powers-Han, CMO of Greater Than One, at Xpectives Health Summit on April 18. Amanda will be taking the stage with Lori Johnston, Deputy Director, US Pulmonary Marketing at Grifols. She will be sharing why media plans should be dynamic not static. See more details on the talk below.

To create a media plan that drives orders, brands need to understand the customer journey and how to best optimize the media plan to reach the customer, not only where they are, but in a way that inspires action. Brands need to understand where to invest, where to pull back, and where to intervene.

The Greater Than One media team built a dynamic media plan for Grifols to drive orders of AlpahID screening kits by Primary Care Physicians. By building a dynamic media plan, instead of a static one, the team was able to update media placements and buys based on incoming data. They were able to pull specific levers based on information received about the customer journey and where along the journey customers took action. For example, understanding when an HCP ordered a kit and then shifting them into a communication stream for kit returns. This has resulted in a campaign that met the 2023 kit order and return goals by September. A true testament to data-first, agile planning.