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Putting rare on the map


New York, New York (July 23, 2021) – The Greater Than One Group and its non-profit subsidiary Honeycomb Health will be launching a cross country road trip to raise money for the rare disease cause. On August 9th, Rebecca Trahan will begin her trip to raise money for Honeycomb Health, a non-profit designed to help people with rare diseases securely store, manage and share their health information. Rebecca is herself a rare disease survivor, as she has a rare disease known as Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). The goal of the trip is to raise $2.5 million from individual donations from $5 – $500.

It started with a vision. Elizabeth Apelles, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Greater Than One Group, a global healthcare marketing and communications agency, has several friends and relatives afflicted with rare diseases and saw how difficult it was for them to manage and share their health information. She formed Honeycomb Health which by leveraging innovative technologies and inspired market solutions, unites patients, family members and health providers in rare disease management. Honeycomb Health also offers free online store fronts to rare disease advocacy groups as a way to contribute to funding new research.

“GTO works a great deal in the rare disease space, and rare disease affects a number of people in my family,” said Apelles. “Through the SCAD alliance we met Rebecca Trahan, who is everything from athlete to design rock star to SCAD survivor. Essentially, Honeycomb Health will empower rare disease patients such as Rebecca to securely store and share comprehensive information about their health. Via our online store fronts, we will help advocacy groups raise money for research”

Rebecca is going on a cross-country road trip to both celebrate her 10th anniversary after her  near death experience with SCAD, along with her birthday, to raise money towards their goal. “She will initially drive over 10,000 miles to network with every group of rare and ultra-rare disease patients she can find”, said Apelles,” in however many cities, towns, and neighborhoods she feels is necessary to achieve our goal”.

The trip is also being funded through a Go Fund Me page which was recently set up where 100% of what is raised will be tax deductible and 100% will go towards the Honeycomb Health platform and the Honeycomb Health stores.

“GTO is a privately held global marketing and communications agency, so we have the skills and resources to do this and more importantly, a culture that believes this is not what we can do, but what we should do,” said Apelles.

Rebecca knows that if things had gone a little differently, she’d no longer be alive to promote this cause and she’s not only grateful but determined. “Rare disease patients need to know there’s a community of survivors as well as medical professionals out there to help them, and we need to provide them with the resources to reach out.”


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Honeycomb Health is a non-profit organization created to help people living with a rare disease to securely digitalize, organize, and manage their health records.