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The New Four Ps of Marketing

Concocted by Edmund Jerome McCarthy in his 1960 textbook, Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach, the original Four Ps of marketing refer to Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. For decades, this paradigm formed the bedrock for content and communications common sense. But—at a time when everything is digital, noise fragments knowledge, and customers are the ones driving disruption—the marketing world needs a new model.

As Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Powers-Han explains to PM360, agencies can still rely on Four Ps to find their truth north. They just need to change their focus to align with today’s values. Specifically, they need to acknowledge the empowerment of the customer through an approach rooted in the Personal. They must commit to their Purpose with zealous execution of meaningful goals that make the world a better place. And they have to leverage media, strategy, technology, and content to enhance the Power and Performance of everything they deliver.

To better understand how the New Four Ps come together, read Amanda’s full article on PM360.