GTO Group Introduces OUS On Demand

The Greater Than One (GTO) Group announces its new operating model to better serve clients outside the United States. Referred to as OUS (Outside United States) On-Demand, this operating strategy is based on two key components: centralized management of core capabilities in the US headquarters, and direct access to a scalable on-demand solution abroad.

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Diversity Q&A: Elizabeth Apelles, Greater Than One

Elizabeth Apelles, CEO of the Greater Than One (GTO) Group, discusses GTO’s commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion and explains why “diversity needs to be integral to any organization if they are to be successful.” Find out the transformative power of diversity in this exclusive, on-demand Q&A.

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3 Ways to Foster Innovation

Innovation isn’t some quixotic bolt from the blue. It’s a talent your organization can build, by prioritizing agility, demanding cognitive diversity, and finding the Purple Cow. Senior VP of Strategy and Growth, Chris Mycek, shares 3 tips on how to foster an ecosystem of innovation within your organization.

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