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Imagining a More Connected Future

Same needs, new tools. While our fundamental healthcare needs haven’t changed much over the past century, our healthcare toolbox has massively expanded with the aid of technology. Find out why Chief Technology Officer, Ken Winell, believes that new technologies including patient devices, digital therapeutics, and virtual realities will create a more connected future.

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The View From the Forefront

We can never be certain what the year will hold, but when you stand at the forefront of healthcare marketing, the view becomes a little clearer. Read more to find out why President Matthew Howes expects customer-centricity, digital-first executions, and data and intelligence to take over 2022.

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Google Goes 4.0

Currently in beta, Google Analytics 4.0 is already poised to change the industry. GTO Group Associate Search Director Scott Litvack breaks down its unified app-website aggregation, event-driven model, and powerful AI support, so that you can bring 4.0 to your digital teams.

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