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GTO Group Introduces OUS On Demand


New York, NY (October 15, 2021) —Today, the Greater Than One (GTO) Group announces the introduction of its new operating model to better serve clients outside the United States. Referred to as OUS (Outside United States) On-Demand, the new model will bring the same level of service innovation and value creation abroad as US-based clients experience today. By connecting OUS On-Demand resources directly with central innovation functions in New York City, GTO will deliver more value, more quickly and in more places than ever before. The bold move embraces rapidly changing dynamics in workforces and workplaces, creating a larger global footprint that is a hybrid of virtual and local market resources.

“As an independent agency, we will always seize opportunities to use our nimbleness to our advantage,” said Elizabeth Apelles, CEO of GTO Group. “Right now, the global market is asking for things the big holding companies can’t deliver in the near term: more value, better efficiencies, rapid scalability, and consistent quality across regions, and across disciplines. You don’t get that by adding yet another product, service, or company to your portfolio. You get it through better operating models that capture more value, in more ways, and deliver it in a way that’s aligned with clients’ businesses. Only independent agencies like ours have the fitness to adapt how they work quickly. And only GTO is doing it.”

“The new model opens access to an excitingly diverse range of talent, including more local market expertise, more specialty skillsets, and more years of experience,” said Matthew Howes, Chief Strategy Officer of GTO Group. “At Greater Than One, diversity is both a core value that guides our culture and competitive differentiator that fuels our success. Our novel, hybrid model for foreign-based marketing operations is designed to unleash more value through diversification of our most important source material: people.”

The OUS operating strategy is based on two key components: centralized management of core capabilities in the US headquarters, and direct access to a scalable on-demand solution abroad, removing financial and organizational inefficiencies of the past. Together these two components allow for greater technology innovation, service expansion, and even better quality of service to clients in all geographies.  As companies continue to realize the benefits and lasting effect of remote working, while also being reminded of the value of in-person collaboration, selectively building new ways of working into its operating model will enable the agency to tap into the most skilled talent outside of the United States.

“At the start of the global pandemic, GTO shifted to a 100% digital workplace and implemented a suite of new tools to support our people in this new environment. The last 18 months has proven out unexpected benefits, like a streamlined management of our workforce,” according to Ken Winell, Chief Technology Officer of GTO Group. The largely new leadership team at GTO recognized the opportunity to leverage that learning for operations in markets outside the US.

“Shifting to OUS On-Demand gives us a first-mover advantage. It’s a better model for our foreign-based clients, which makes it the right model for us,” said Amanda Powers-Han, Chief Marketing Officer of GTO Group. “It leverages great talent and flexibility, managed under centralized control for consistency and quality. It also positions us for some very exciting opportunities in the future.”  

The US operations of GTO Group remains unchanged, continuing to deliver it’s best-in-class media, marketing, and enterprise technology capabilities through its well-established centralized governance and management model.  “While our accounts are led from the United States, we can now potentially have ground forces in any foreign country rather than a few smaller satellite offices,” said Apelles. “Our industry is dynamic, and it works to our clients’ advantage to broaden our talent community outside of the US and provide them with what we believe will be the global agency model of the future.”


Founded in 2000 and included in the “Top 100 Agencies” by Medical Marketing & Media, GTO Group remains privately held. GTO Group provides marketing and communications, media, and enterprise technology solutions to leading health & wellness clients around the world. For more information, contact us at or visit us at