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Diversity in healthcare

Representation matters. This is a sentiment you’ve likely heard before, but in the healthcare space, there is really no understating its importance. Not only are diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices the key to growth in a diverse, global economy, they can also have a profound and measurable impact on the quality of people’s lives.  We know that…

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The Evolving Role of Mid-Level Providers in Healthcare

The pandemic shed light on a major gap in the healthcare system–a physician shortage that became a very apparent problem in urgent care, hospitals, primary care, and specialty practices. As a result, it has accelerated the need for mid-level providers like nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to take on more prominent roles. There’s…

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Top Takeaways from Google Marketing Live for Pharma Marketers 

Google introduced a number of new features last week as part of their Google Marketing Live event. As data privacy becomes more and more important, Google has introduced measures to ensure conversion tracking and attribution can be accurately measured without compromising user data.   In addition, they have expanded some ad offerings as well. Some features…

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